How can dessert explain how astronauts safely return to Earth?

What connects molten sugar and micro-meteirite protection?

How would you even bake bread in space?

British Council Ireland are delighted to present 'Baking in Space' for a second year running. A Science Week family event with Andrew Smyth, aerospace engineer and Great British Bake Off finalist, and Dr. Niamh Shaw, scientist, performer and space explorer for an evening of all things space, food and baking. With special guests from the European Space Agency, together they will explore the surprising connections between everyday bakes and the extraordinary engineering that helps keep astonauts alive in space.

With lots of live demonstrations, tasting and audience interaction, your curiosity will be whisked, stirred, and taken out of this world...

Baking in Space Dublin 2019

Dublin this year will be bringing you two shows, both in the Smock Alley Theatre on 11 November. Our matinee show will take place at 2:30 and our evening show at 7:30.

For more information and for tickets follow the link!

Baking in Space Galway 2019

Our Galway show will be taking place in the Black Box Theatre on 12 November.

For more information and for tickets follow the link!

Baking in Space Cork 2019

Our Cork show will be taking place in the Kino venue on 13 November.

For more information and for tickets follow the link!

Baking in Space 2018

To take a look at last years show highlights follow the link!

About Andrew Smyth:

Andrew Smyth is an engineer, baker and presenter who gained nationwide fame for his outrageously engineered creations when he reached the final of BBC's Great British Bake Off in 2016. He divides his time between Aerospace research, writing & presenting live events and contributing to TV, radio & online features, working with the British Council, BBC, ITV, Warner Brothers, Channel 5, and others.

About Niamh Shaw:

Dr Niamh Shaw is an engineer, scientist, performer and explorer of all things space who recently brought her one woman show 'Diary of a Martian Beekeeper' to Smock Alley Theatre as part of Engineers Week 2018. She is actively pursuing her dream to get to space and has participated in a simulated Mars mission in the Utah desert, experienced microgravity on a Zero G parabolic flight and makes theatre shows about her mission to space. A regular on TV and radio, she has spoken internationally & presented her work at Wired UK Live!, New Scientist Live!, World Science Festival and more. She speaks at NASA Johnson Space Centre, US on Nov 7th about her work at the 3rd Cross Industry Innovation Summit. This is her third year working with British Council Ireland for Science Week with their 'Art in Mind' event series

Special Guests:

Romain Charles provides crew support for European Space Agency (ESA) Astronauts heading to the International Space Station (ISS), including current commander of the ISS, Alexander Gerst. He participated in Mars500, a 523 isolated experiment as analogue Mars astronaut.

Dr. Aidan Cowley is part of the future missions team at ESA's Astronaut Centre in Cologne, tasked with solving food resource issues for permanent settlements for future Lunar and Martian habitat communities.

Additional Guests

Monday November 11th

2.30pm show: Lana Salmon (EIRSAT)  & Rachel Dunwoody (EIRSAT)

7.30pm show: Ronan Wall (EIRSAT), Jessica Erkal (from last years EIRSAT team)

Tuesday November 12th 

Andy Shearer (NUIG Astrophysics)

Wed November 13th

Alan Kelly (Ucc Food Sc & Tech), Frances Mc Carthy or Danielle Wilcox (Blackrock Castle Observatory) 

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