Recent research and reports from the British Council 

Our research and reports offer new evidence and analysis of the ways in which cultural and educational co-operation and exchange can help tackle some of today’s major global and domestic issues. Listed below are recent reports that take into account the potential impact that Brexit may have on culture, higher education and internationalisation, and access to funding. Click through to access PDFs of each report. 


British Council research

Our Shared European Future

Some of Europe's brightest minds came together to produce a collective response to common challenges and opportunities post-Brexit across the arts and culture, science and research and education sectors. These recommendations can help shape our shared European future. 

The recommendations have already been discussed by the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education and come from a consultation of more than 500 leaders in education, science and research, arts and culture from across Europe, facilitated by the British Council. The document has so far received 450 official endorsements from people in 28 European countries. You can also endorse the recommendations here.

The Implications of the UK’s Exit from the EU on Education and Cultural Sectors in Northern Ireland & Ireland 

The paper examines the current debate within our key stakeholder sectors and raises concerns and opportunities among various instutions and organisations. As a result of the research, we are now undertaking pro-active steps and are work-shopping potential solutions to the issues raised.

Mutual Influence? Universities, Cities and the Future of Internationalisation

The findings of this report were announced at the 2017 Going Global conference. The research examines the internationalisation activities of cities and universities and how the two can work effectively together in the face of growing international competition. Interviews were conducted with university staff and city officials in Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow and Hanover. 

The Impact of the EU Referendum on the UK’s Ability to Access EU Funds

This report was commission in light of the EU Referendum result and aimed to explore how the UK’s current access to EU funding may be affected by the referendum result, and the potential consequences of Brexit on the political influence of UK organisations in the areas of education and research. 

The Morning After – The future of the UK’s cultural relationship with other European nations

A collection of essays by prominent people working in a wide variety of cultural sectors that were commissioned before the EU Referendum. They offer an insight into the historic, social, artistic, scientific and educational connections between the UK and other European countries, and a reflection on how these might be shaped in years to come.