The 11 Array Collective artists posing for a photo together on stage. Behind them is a sign indicating the photo was taken at the Turner Prize awards.
Saturday 13 August 2022 to Saturday 01 October 2022

British Council Ireland are delighted to be supporting The Galway Arts Centre and the Array Collective in bringing their Turner Prize winning work 'The Druthaib’s Ball' to Galway in August and September 2022. This will be the first time the work will be seen in Ireland. The works, installations and performance events are presented by Belfast’s Array Collective, who were awarded the Turner Prize in December 2021. 

The installation opens on 13 August in Nun’s Island Theatre in Galway and runs until 1 October. A wider exhibition of artworks by the Array Collective will be on view in the Galway Arts Centre’s gallery spaces providing a unique opportunity for audiences in Galway and beyond to experience the prolific and vibrant work of this incredible artist collective.

About the Turner Prize

The Turner Prize was first awarded in 1984 to encourage wider interest in contemporary art, and to assist Tate Britain in acquiring new works. It is one of the best-known prizes for visual arts and is a highlight of the contemporary art calendar. It is awarded to artist/s from, or based in, Britain for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work.

About Array Collective

The 2021 winners, the Array Collective, is a group of 11 Belfast-based artists from the north and south of Ireland, England and Italy. They all live and work in Belfast creating collaborative projects in response to issues affecting Northern Ireland and issues around access to abortion, gay rights, mental health, gentrification and social welfare. They are the first artists from Northern Ireland to win the Prize and their work encompasses performances, protests, exhibitions and events. While each has their own artistic practice, the prize was won as a collective.