Monday 25 November 2019 -
10:00 to 14:30
Academy House, Royal Irish Academy

The dialogue event is aimed at encouraging a meaningful discussion of equality and diversity within higher education in Ireland and the UK and greater connection between individuals within HE in both countries.


Professor Anita Maguire, MRIA, VP for Research, University College Cork


  • Professor Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education and Social Justice and Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE), University of Birmingham (UK)
  • Professor Kathleen James Chakraborty, MRIA, University College Dublin
  • Dr Alison Johns, Chief Executive, Advance HE (UK)
  • Dr Gemma Irvine, Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Maynooth University
  • Dr Ebun Joseph, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Dr. Dina Belluigi, Queens University Belfast (UK)
  • Dr Ross Woods, Higher Education Authority
  • Professor Anastasia Crickely, Chair, Pavee Point

The symposium will discuss:

  • How do we talk about and understand race, ethnicity and inclusion in the context of higher education?
  • What actions do we need to take to ensure a diversity of voices in higher education leadership?
  • What can Ireland and the UK learn from each other in this space?
  • How far have we come with inclusion in HE? What does the road ahead look like?

The symposium will be of interest to:

  • professionals working in higher education in Ireland and the UK
  • academics and researchers interested in issues around equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • student unions representatives
  • journalists and correspondents covering news related to HE sector

Full programme is available below (PDF).