Wednesday 12 December 2018

SCI:COM is the largest science communications conference in Ireland, founded by UCD, and Whipsmart Media, funded by Science Foundation Ireland and supported by a range of organisations and initiatives including British Council Ireland and FameLab Ireland. Now in its fourth year, the event offers an exciting range of talks, panel discussions, brainstorming and networking. SCI:COM brings together the individuals that represent the public face of research in Ireland welcoming researchers, media, industry, policy makers, funders and event organisers. Anyone who is involved in the communication of science, medicine, technology or has a place at SCI:COM to network, share ideas, get inspired and meet future collaborators. 


How does your reputation affect your ability to suceed? Who is measuring your performance and why? How can public engagement transform attitudes and fight inequality? SCI:COM, now bigger and better than ever, will be asking some of these vital questions and assembling an incredible array of talent that will help delegates get to grips with these modes of collaboration. 2018's programme is the most ambitious, and will involve several UK contributors including Mark Pollock - motivational speaker, explorer, and author, Dr Adam Rutherford - Geneticist, Author, BBC Broadcaster and Julie Gould - science writer, editor and podcaster.