Tuesday 08 December 2015 -
09:00 to 16:00
Tyndall National Institute, Cork City

The bridge between science and the public is communication.

This free one-day science communication workshop will help anyone working in or studying science, technology, engineering or maths to communicate their scientific work in public with enthusiasm, passion and a touch of humour. It will also prepare contestants for the FameLab Cork regional heat due to take place in January 2016 - Participants will improve and hone their skills in communicating, will begin to shake off bad habits and be inspired with new ideas. 

Why is public engagement important? Why is it important to communicate about science? How do you pack your knowledge into short and succinct messages? How can you emphasise your message with your body language? Or; how can you best present your research to the media?  Simply and clearly, without lecturing, professionally and authentically, strategically and with confidence?

All of this and more is what workshop participants will practice and discuss.  It involves a mixture of talks, exercises and activities that deal primarily with the skills of ‘being on your feet’ in front of a live audience and skills associated with working with the media.

A former senior producer at the BBC, Malcolm Love is a freelance producer, presenter and public communication skills coach, trainer and consultant.  As a coach he adds value to businesses or enterprises by significantly increasing the confidence and skill levels of anyone who speaks, presents or gives media interviews.