Cheltenham Festivals

How does it work?

Before you apply please make sure you are eligible to take part in this competition.

  1. If you are, fill out and submit the online application form
  2. We will confirm receipt of your application and will contact you by email to inform you of the next steps
  3. Go along to your chosen regional heat (or DCU/RCSI/TCD/UCD mini-heat) and present your scientific topic to our panel of judges. If it's a public heat, don't forget to invitе your friends and family to support you!

FameLab Ireland 2019-20 Regional Heats

The table below will be populated with details for all regional and mini heats over the coming months.

Limerick Congratulations to the winners and all the participants! Watch all the talks on our Youtube channel
Cork Congratulations to the winners and all the participants! All the talks are available on our Youtube channel 24 January
UCD mini-heat 3 February UCD Cinema 28 January 20 January
RCSI mini-heat 7 February RCSI Heuston Lecture Theatre 31 January 4 February
DCU mini-heat n/a n/a  21 February  18 Febuary
TCD mini-heat 5 February Swift Theatre, TCD  2 February  3 February 
Galway 19 February An Taibhdhearc 10 February 29 January
Dublin 25 February Sound House  14 February  18 February
Video n/a n/a 8 March n/a

Find out what happens at the heats, there are some rules you need to know about.

Can't make the heats? Find out how to apply by video!


  • Videos should be up to 3 minutes long (content will not be judged after this time limit)
  • Contain no editing or special effects
  • Have no background music (unless this is what you are talking about)
  • Not involve other people or excessive props (follow the guideline for the live heats which is 'a prop you can carry on stage') 

We are not assessing video/filming quality. We simply need to be able to clearly hear and see you, so there is no problem submitting entries filmed on a smartphone or camera etc.


  • Upload your video to YouTubeVimeo or another video hosting site and copy the link. Please note: you do not have to list the video as 'public'. Upload it as 'hidden' or 'private' if you prefer
  • Fill out the online application form making sure to include the link to your video in the relevant field within the form
  • The deadline for submission of video entries is Sunday 8 March 2020.
  • Any questions or problems, just contact us at famelab@ie.britishcouncil.org

What's next?

If you are successful at the initial regional/video heat stage, you will be invited to attend an all-expenses paid Communication Master Class that will help you develop invaluable STEM media and presentation skills. Further details will be sent to all successful candidates following the application deadline.

The Communication Master Class will take place in Dublin on 21-22 March 2020

The FameLab Ireland Final will be held in Cork as part of the EUSEA Conference on Wednesday 15 April 2020.

Terms and Conditions

  • Full attendance at both the FameLab Ireland Master Class and Final are mandatory for all applicants. In addition, the winner of FameLab Ireland 2020 should be available to take part in the FameLab International Finals, Cheltenham Science Festival, during the first 2 weeks in June 2020. Please remember to keep these dates free as it might be you attending!
  • Candidates involved in the FameLab Ireland Final will not be permitted to use the same presentation they used in the regional/video heats. Instead you will be required to alter the content and style of an existing presentation or present on a completely new topic. Each candidate should decide on the theme(s) of their presentation(s).
  • By taking part in a FameLab Ireland regional/video heat, you agree to fully participate in the programme, to abide by the judging panels' decisions and to fully accept the rules and conditions of participation as agreed by the FameLab Ireland management team. For further details, contact famelab@ie.britishcouncil.org
  • The FameLab Ireland management team reserves the right to amend the programme format and calendar of activity on grounds of force majeure.