Conor Duffy, one of our 2020 finalists, during his presentation. He's wearing a colourful Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.

Our FameLab Ireland 2021 competition is now closed! Join us for the FameLab Ireland National Final on 30 September. Tickets are free and can be booked here 

The competition is open to anyone aged 18 and older who is working in or studying technology, engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics or maths in Ireland. This includes private and public sector employees.

We welcome:

  • Lecturers and researchers in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, including specialist science teachers with a science degree
  • People who work on applying science, engineering, technology or mathematics (e.g. patent clerks, statisticians, consultants to industry)
  • University students of science, technology, mathematics or engineering aged 18 and over
  • People who apply science, technology, mathematics or engineering in the armed forces or government bodies
  • People who apply science, technology, engineering or mathematics in industry or business

We cannot accept:

People who are already working professionally in public engagement with science, including:

  • Press or PR officers, even for science-related organisations
  • Artists who work on science-related themes
  • Performers whose shows are about science or engineering
  • Science centre staff who work exclusively or mainly with the public
  • Journalists and broadcasters (as their main or only job)
  • Non-specialist teachers

Please contact us at if you are unsure about your eligibility.