The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Our aim in Ireland, as in all the countries of the world, is to create friendly knowledge and understanding between people, to the mutual benefit of Ireland and the UK.

Our key sectors in Ireland are culture, education and science. All three sectors offer significant opportunity for people to people relationships, for learning and exchange and for mutual benefit. We will build on the work we have done since the British Council opened its first office in Ireland in 1990. Since then, we have developed and fostered extensive bilateral relations over the course of almost three decades. The proximity of Ireland to the UK through our shared history, politics, economics, culture and language calls for a close and collaborative relationship. 

Our Purpose 

British Council Ireland works with partners in culture, education and science to strengthen relationships between Ireland, the UK and the rest of the world 

Our objectives

  • Offer experiences and opportunities for Ireland’s young people, supporting relationships and collaboration with the UK and the rest of the world 
  • Grow our network of partners in Ireland to build long-term connections with the UK in culture, education and science 
  • Become an Ireland operation which is visible, understood and valued by stakeholders  

Overall programme priorities for Ireland

  • Connecting Ireland’s Next Generation (primarily those aged 18-30 years old) with the UK  
  • Convening fresh perspectives to support the exchange of ideas and skills between Ireland and the UK 
  • Deepening understanding of inclusion, diversity and difference