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The Creative Economy programme by the British Council develops new collaborations, innovation and enterprise with the creative and cultural industries worldwide. It connects people from different creative disciplines and geographies to test ideas, learn new skills and tackle social and civic challenges together.

The programme has three focus areas: Creative Hubs, Digital Innovation and Creative Enterprise.

Creative Hubs

Our aim is to help creative hubs connect and collaborate across Europe. We are building a network community of creative hubs by hosting a series of people-to-people encounters, and share stories about creative hubs, about what they are and how they operate. It is our ambition to demonstrate that creative hubs contribute to the growth and the resilience of the creative sector, and to the economy as a whole.

Creative Hubkit

A free downloadable toolkit for those looking to set up a hub; a community-focused, co-working or cultural space. It is made up of best practice examples, helpful experiences and tried and tested approaches from some of the most successful hubs in the UK and Europe. Created in partnership with Creative Edinburgh and Creative Dundee. 

Open Movement

 This is an on-going, collaborative project, working to map innovative and creative spaces worldwide. 

New and Changinge Dynamics: How the Global Creative Economy Is Evolving 

This interactive guide explores how the global creative economy is evolving. Edited by John Newbigin, OBE, chair of Creative England and featuring a range of thought pieces from top international contributors. 

European Creative Hubs Forums

These forums facilitate the meeting of representatives from creative hubs, allowing them to share experiences and stories in different cities each year. Each forum is co-curated by a specific steering group, composed of the 3 hosting creative hubs together with local creative partners and peers from other creative hubs in Europe. The first European Creative Hubs Forum was hosted in Lisbon in January 2015; the second in Belgrade in 2016 and the most recent one in Athens in February 2017.

Digital Innovation

Digital technology is having a huge impact on how creative ideas can be distributed and made more accessible. We co-produce imaginative projects that explore the potential of what this means for our cities and societies. Have a look at our Creative Economy website

Creative Enterprise 

We’re helping to build sustainable businesses in the creative and cultural industries worldwide, sharing our knowledge and experience through skills workshops, mentoring and peer networks.  

We also share these insights with policymakers to promote the development of diverse creative economies worldwide. We always work in partnership with global and local organisations to co-create projects that have the greatest benefit and impact. Our work is part of the British Council's remit to create more open, inclusive and prosperous societies. Some recent projects include:

- Creative Enterprise Toolkit, in partnership with Nesta

- The UK-Korea Catalyst Programme, bringing social enterprises together to share ideas and knowledge.

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