Light blue background with an image on the left of two people hugging and smiling. On the right there is text in a white box that reads From Access to Inclusion: An Arts and Culture Summit.
Tuesday 09 March 2021 to Friday 22 October 2021
March: Summit; October: Workshops; Online

From Access to Inclusion summit took place in March and October 2021.

With 21 presenters, from 16 cities, representing a range of organisations such as Theatres, Museums and Galleries, Festivals, Cinema and much much more, From Access to Inclusion will be an essential opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new and innovative ways to include and welcome everyone.

From Access to Inclusion gathers the most thought-provoking leaders and advocates in access and inclusion in arts and culture from across the globe. This dynamic international Summit is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new and innovative ways to create accessible and inclusive experiences.

The Summit includes three event strands; intimate online Workshops by leading experts in access and inclusion, a three day Symposium taking place online over the course of a number of weeks, and a programme of online Evening Events showcasing access in action from a range cultural venues and organisations.

Participants from the UK

We are thrilled that the following UK presenters will be involved in the summit:

  • David Bellwood, Access Manager, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, London (Presenter)
  • Megan Merrett, Hynt, Wales. (Presenter)
  • Fiona Bell, Client Relationships Director, Thrive, Belfast. (Presenter)
  • Robert Softley, Artistic Director, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, Glasgow. (Chair)
  • Maria Oshodi, Artistic Director & CEO, Extant, London. (Presenter)
  • Kate Fox, Access Coordinator, Manchester International Festival. (Presenter)

For full information on the summit visit Arts & Disability Ireland website.

About Arts & Disability Ireland

 Arts & Disability Ireland is Ireland’s national development and resource organisation for arts and disability.

They promote engagement with the arts at all levels – as professional artists, audience members and arts workers – for people of all ages with disabilities of all kinds. They work towards arts programmes and arts venues becoming fully accessible experiences for all audiences. They advocate for inclusive policy and practice which provides real access to all aspects of the arts for people with disabilities, and for everyone.