Wednesday 14 November 2018 -
12:30 to 14:00

Art seems to impact us all differently.

But how does it do that? How does art impact our minds?

Can it influence our mental state? And does science affect the process of art making?

Building on the success of ‘Art in Mind’ in 2017, we will examine the science of nature, the science of art and how nature inspires both art and science. With a fascinating panel of artists, natural scientists and psychologists, live experiments and lots of conversation, this event will highlight the connections between science and art, and will give you a deeper appreciation of the value of creativity on our minds.

Contributors for 'Art in Mind' Dublin include award winning Garden Designer, Paul Martin, Arts Curator at the Eden Project, Misha Curzon and Scientist and Artist, Dr Niamh Shaw.

Free entry | Pre-booking required | Refreshments provided

More information:

+353 1 661 5133