Thursday 11 July 2024 -
11:00 to 16:00
Axis Ballymun

An Englishman’s Home is His Castle, But We Are Not English Men

Canopy: A Short Symposium on the Irish Family Home….

Its Family, and all the things it has been and could be…

Selina Thompson Ltd hosted a one-day symposium at Axis Ballymun featuring presentations, participatory workshops & talks with contributions from theatre maker Louise Lowe (co-founder, Anu Productions), Dr Claire McGettrick born Lorraine Hughes (co-founder of Justice for Magdalenes Research and Adoption Rights Alliance), Gary Keegan (Broken Talkers), Niamh Ní Chonchubuair (Axis) and award-winning narrative environments designer Claire Healy.

The day invited Artists, Activists, Architects & Adoptees, Adopters and Foster Carers or those more widely interested in these areas to attend a day of provocation, debate and reflection sharing stories and lived experiences.

This event was funded by British Council's International Collaboration Grant.