Diagraming the Archive

Composite image of the Proclamation (courtesy of an Post Archive and Museum), Covenant and Declaration documents (courtesy of PRONI)

Wednesday 01 June 2016 to Thursday 30 June 2016

An exhibition at The Irish Architectural Archive.

 5 artists have been invited to create diagram artworks in response to two sets of archival documents and reconstruct acts that inscribe the subject’s relation to the state: the signing of the Covenant and Declaration documents at Belfast City Hall in 1912 and the reading of the Proclamation document at Dublin General Post Office in 1916.

 Lead artist and researcher, Niamh McDonnell has provided artists with sets of instructions for experimenting with the production of reconstructions in different media: Robin Price has created a screen based display that generates different ways of spatially organizing the material data of the Covenant and Declaration document signatures in real time. Edmund Eva and George Baldwin have programmed a drawing machine that re-describes the data generated on the screen display of digitized signatures by following different algorithmic instructions. Max Surin has made a pair of video pieces based on following a set of instructions to capture views of the City Hall and the GPO, focusing on describing architectural space and the surfaces of each building. Rob Anderson has created a series of drawings of fictional book plates based on ornamental building features and symbolic objects. The exhibition of these diagram artworks represents a proposal for a multimedia installation at the two municipal buildings where the acts of inscription took place – Dublin GPO and Belfast City Hall.

The exhibition will be at to The Linen Hall Library, 17 Donegall Square, Belfast between 5th – 30th September.