Saturday 19 January 2019 -
09:30 to 16:30

Events for All aims to provide authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently perform events in school, library and festival environments that are inclusive for all children and young people. It is hoped this will in turn encourage and enable all literary, arts and children’s festivals to programme events for children with Autism. Those who satisfactorily complete the training will be put on a list of recommended artists to deliver Events for All at book and arts festivals from 2019 onward. 

Events for All takes place over two days at Poetry Ireland, Dublin.  Following a successful introductory workshop for all participants back in November 2018, further training days will be held as follows in 2019: 19 January - Practicising artists and 08 February - Festival programmers.

On 19 January, approximately 20 participants will work with experienced arts practitioners to get advice, practical tips and first hand experience of designing and delivering inclusive events and workshops for children and young people in Ireland. 

Practitioners include Liz Weir, Deirdre Sullivan and Paul Timoney.

Events for All is managed by Children’s Books Ireland and Poetry Ireland. It is supported by British Council and IBBY Ireland.