Wednesday 30 September 2020 to Sunday 04 October 2020

We are proud to be partnering with the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival in its 28th year!

In a year like no other, GAZE International LGBT Film festival returns to Ireland from September 30th to October 4th and continues to celebrate the power of LGBTQ+ experiences in film through shared and collective quality arts experience, and advocacy within the community.

Through a brand new format, GAZE at Home, will provide a platform for world class LGBTQ+ Films and will be accessible to its widest audience ever across Ireland and beyond!

We are delighted to support a great selection of short films and documentaries by UK directors, and invite you to explore it in full festival programme on GAZE website.

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Friday, 2 October 18:45


Different lives, different stories but all with their own particular male gaze. Stories that will touch you and tickle you, and maybe even break your heart.

UK Short Films:

Memoirs of a Geeza / dir. Theo James Krekis / UK / 2019. 3’   A top lad recollects fights, friends and painting his toenails with his dad.

Just Us / dir. Tom Birdsey / UK / 2019. 5’   Love told through memory and the cinematic thrill of rear-projection.

Saturday, 3 October




For a lot of LGBTQ+ people, growing up involves reclaiming things from which we once felt alienated. Right at the top of that list for many of us is sport. Or, to be more specific, team sports! For one group of mates, their dream was to form a gay rugby team. And so, the Kings Cross Steelers were born.

This life affirming documentary will charm even the most casual rugby fan, while we also get to know Nic, their steely lesbian coach, and learn about her own story as a queer sportsperson. In these strange days when physical contact is a no-no, Steelers is a story of friendship and community, and a must-see in trying times.

A Q+A with the Director and Protagonists will follow this screening

Saturday, 3 October




An exciting programme of short works curated by aemi. These films push the boundaries of form, of what is permissible and possible, while utilising a variety of different media and mediums. They take us on an interplanetary journey, moving 

UK Short Film:

QUEERING DI TEKNOLOJIK / dir. Timothy Smith / UK / 2019. 9’

A message from the future. Spoken by the collective digital voice of a group of queer artists and activists, this collaborative project speculates about the possibilities of a temporality yet to come. What does the future look, sound and feel like?

Saturday, 3 October



UK Short Film:

Queerer Than Thou / dir. Kate Jessop / UK. 2’

Contemporary culture gone mad in this very tongue-in-cheek animation.

Sunday, 4 October



Like art, trans identity has many forms and expressions. Witness the best of it in this multi-coloured collection of short films from around the world.

UK Short Films:

Dungarees / dir. Abel Rubinstein / UK / 2020. 5’

Blake and Cane sort out their relationship the old fashioned way: sex and video games.