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Tuesday 09 March 2021 to Wednesday 10 March 2021

SCI:COM is a unique event that welcomes great minds from the arena of science communication for exciting talks, workshops and discussions which we're delighted to support this year again, as SCI:COM goes virtual.

 This years theme: ADAPT

This year's theme is ADAPT, something that we've all been doing quite a lot of this year. This year SCI:COM will be exploring the failure of science communication in the pandemic and how research is being adapted on a population level to society's needs. There will be discussions on the anti-science movements and how to change sci-comm to adjust to misinformation. We'll hear of European-wide projects that succeeded while sharing our own little failures. And most of all, SCI:COM will be giving you a chance to learn, network, engage and share your perspectives. 

We're thrilled to have so many UK speakers taking part in SCI:COM this year, as well as some FameLab Alumni! Check them out below:

  • Dr. Joseph Roche is one of our FameLab Ireland Alumni and is currently Assistant Professor in Science Education at TCD.
  • Dr. Shane Bergin is another one of our FameLab Ireland Alumni and is currently Assistant Professor in Science Education at UCD's School of Education.
  • Greg Foot is one of FameLab International's presenters as well as a science presenter, podcaster and YouTuber.
  • Maddie Moate is a BAFTA winning TV presenter and 'EduTuber' best known for her show 'Maddies Do You Know?' on CBeebies.
  • Kyle Marian Viterbo is a science communicator and engagement producer at Science Friday.
  • Steve Cross is a public engagement stratagist, public event director and communications consultant who founded Bright Club.
  • Hamid Khan is head of the Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network in the UK. He also chairs our ‘Standing up for Science’ workshops around the country.

Check out the full schedule and list of speakers via the links below!