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Monday 01 January 2024 to Tuesday 31 December 2024

Selector shares the best of new UK music with the world. We play music from any band, any artist and any genre as long as it’s new and exciting. Jazz, grime, indie or electronica – or somewhere in between – each week we put together a truly eclectic playlist and catch up with the artists and labels who are leading the way in UK music. 

In Ireland, you can listen to Selector every Tuesday at 2pm on RTE 2XM. You can also listen to Selector After Dark every Wednesday at 7pm on RTE Pulse

Selector Radio and Selector After Dark shows are also made available globally every Friday via the Selector homepage on the British Council’s dedicated Music website or via Mixcloud at Selector Radio. Here you’ll also find an archive of Selector shows going back through the years so you’ll never miss a thing.