Friday 07 June 2024 to Sunday 09 June 2024
Museum of Literature Ireland

British Council Ireland are delighted to be supporting Ulysses European Odyssey (UEO) as it comes to the end of its two year journey through Europe. As part of Episode 17 in Dublin, Ulysses European Odyssey will be hosting a festival of literature and living, HOMESWEETHOME in the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI).

Running at MoLI across the weekend of 7-9 June 2024, HOMESWEETHOME is a multidisciplinary festival circling the theme of home – a many-layered, and ever present subject for Dubliners, and one that inspires at least as many questions as there are answers. Taking place across the museum’s exhibitions and historic house, and with programmes designed for all ages, the festival will explore new perspectives on the central question of ‘What is home?’ through talks, discussion, performances, music, workshops, food, and more.

Throughout HOMESWEETHOME, people from many walks of life will share their experiences of home – imagining home, finding home, remembering home, writing home. The festival will explore concepts of home as diverse as family, identity, migration, shifting demographics, human rights, land access, architecture, gentrification, homelessness and housing crises. HOMESWEETHOME will channel the lived experiences of many, and the unique perspectives of people from across society, including, of course, writers.

British Council Ireland will be working with Ulysses European Odyssey to bring the learnings from the project to The CoMuseum Conference in Athens in December. Here, co-creators of the project, Seán Doran and Liam Browne from Arts Over Borders, along with witer Kerri Ní Dochartaigh will be sharing their reflections on all 18 Episodes of the project.