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Tuesday 11 June 2024 to Thursday 13 June 2024
Trinity College Dublin

The arts cannot change the world but they can change the way we see the world.

British Council Ireland are delighted to be supporting the Grand Arts & Society Symposium (GASS) as part of Episode 17 of Ulysses European Odyssey. This Dublin GASS is the fifth and final Partners' Gathering of the Ulysses European Odyssey project. It succeeds Trieste (Oct 2022), Paris (February 2023), Zürich (July 2023) and Budapest (February 2024).

Ulysses European Odyssey (UEO) is an epic project from 2022-2024 across 18 cities in 16 countries, producing artistic responses in public spaces to social and cultural themes identified in the 18 episodes of James Joyce’s Ulysses . At the same time, a cycle of 18 public symposia are being held in each city to produce 309 questions (Ulysses, Episode 17) towards creating a new arts and society charter for Europe. The project also has 30 artist residencies which will contribute to a new book, Ulysses European Odyssey, alongside 18 new writing commissions, one writer from each city.

The Grand Arts & Society Symposium (GASS) Gathering in Trinity College Dublin is part of Episode 17 of the project. The GASS Gathering presents an opportunity for partenrs to respond to the overall project and to examine the 309 Questions from Europe collected over the course of the project. This closed room discussion will reflect across the two years of the project, in particular examining the development of advocacy and activism through the project and how that has been reflected in the creativity and the work produced.

British Council Ireland will be working with Ulysses European Odyssey to bring the learnings gathered at GASS to The CoMuseum Conference in Athens in December. Here, co-creators of the project, Seán Doran and Liam Browne from Arts Over Borders, along with witer Kerri Ní Dochartaigh will be sharing their reflections on all 18 Episodes of the project.