Thursday 01 July 2021
Online training programme

Join the #WeAreEquals Music Academy online and receive exclusive training from prestigious guests such as international Dj Carly Wilford and General Manager of Music Managers Forum UK, Jayne Stynes in partnership with Brighter Sound. 

About the programme

The #WeAreEquals - Music Academy is a training programme for rising talents and future leaders of the electronic music sector, aimed at providing them with tools to help them develop and expand their career. We are particularly interested in identifying artists, producers and professionals who are already influential ambassadors in the music sector and are therefore able to push the agenda on gender equality and social diversity. 

This fourth edition of the #WeAreEquals – Music Academy is for rising talents and future leaders of the sector from or based in Greece, Ireland, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom and will take place on-line on Thursday 1st July. As in the previous 3 editions (Madrid, July 2019 in partnership with Madrid LGBTI+ Pride; Bilbao, November 2019 in partnership with BIME Pro; and Barcelona, February 2020 in partnership with MUTEK Barcelona) the training sessions will be run by Brighter Sound, a creative music charity based in Manchester, UK focused on developing the music creators, leaders and industry professionals of the future. 

Brighter Sound's trainers will be accompanied by special guest artists to share their personal experience dj and selector Carly Wilford, and Jayne Stynes, General manager at Music Manager Forum UK. All sessions will be conducted in English.

How to take part

If you’d like to take part in this new edition of the #WeAreEquals – Music Academy then fill in the form before 27th June at 22:59 Irish time. If your application is successful, the British Council will cover the cost of your training (400€).

We'll inform you on 28th June if you've been selected.

For more information please contact our Arts team in Spain.

The WeAreEquals Music Academy nano is powered by British Council, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Brighter Sound in partnership with United We Stream.