We partner with the Lir National Academy for Dramatic Arts to develop visits from some of the UK’s leading theatrical innovators. The programme features public performances by the visiting artists, discussions on the nature of their work and master classes with students at the Lir.

2014 Programme

Blast Theory Workshop

Led by founder member Ju Row Farr, internationally renowned artists Blast Theory provided The Lir’s Masters in Fine Arts (Directing, Playwrighting) students with an insight into creating strategies for engaging in meaningful collaborations and dialogues through technology. The workshop was for students interested in themes around engaging with networks/online/digital communities in the creation of contemporary work.   The Lir students also acted as a test audience for Blast Theory’s performance at the Live Collision Festival in Dublin.

The 2013 programme

An oak tree

Last year Tim Crouch presented ‘An Oak Tree’ and worked specifically with the playwriting students.

Forest Fringe

Forest Fringe then brought their ‘micro festival’ to Dublin. We partnered with the Lir and Dublin Fringe Festival to present the second international Forest Fringe micro festival. The Forest Fringe micro festival is now taking place in Portugal, Japan and Thailand with the support of the British Council.

The Dublin micro festival included:

• the Irish premiere of Action Hero’s Watch Me Fall

• Dan Canham’s Dublin Fringe Festival 2012 award-winning performance 30 Cecil Street

Tim Etchells’s new installation in response to the space at the Lir

• the Irish premiere of Kieran Hurley’s Hitch

Deborah Pearson, the live artist and co-founder of Forest Fringe, spent a week in residence at the Lir showing her latest work The Future Show.

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