A university corridor. People walk through it but are blurred, with the corridor itself being the only thing in focus.
Wednesday 25 September 2024 to Friday 27 September 2024
RDS Main Hall

Irish Times Higher Options Fair 2024

This year British Council Ireland are delighted to be taking part in the Irish Times Higher Options Fair 2024 to disseminate information on studying in the UK to students, teachers and councellors, and promote the UK as a top destination for higher education. The event features more than 150 colleges, comprised of Irish universities, colleges of higher and further education, European, UK and International universities, admissions bodies and information stands. Higher Options provides a unique opportunity for up to 30,000 students from across Ireland to speak to representatives from third-level institutions from Ireland, the UK, Europe and further afield. Students can gather information about their third-level options and attend career talks on a wide range of topics.

British Council Ireland will join several UK higher education institutions in the benefits and opportunities available to Irish students in the UK higher education space. Higher Options will run from 25-27 September 2024, and we will be present all three days to field queries and questions from attendees on higher education opportunities available to them in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

We will disseminate resources such as our Higher Education Undergraduate Information Guide, which we first published last year to provide guidance on understanding the Common Travel Area, UCAS and points conversion, financial support available to Irish students and other frequently queried topics.