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This research aims to understand and support higher education undergraduate mobility from Ireland to the UK.

Higher education in Ireland and UK are closely linked: high levels of mobility, facilitated through the Common Travel Agreement, as well as broadly similar education systems and traditions, have supported this close connection. However, Ireland’s proximity to the UK means that mobility is nuanced and the individual nations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have different and distinct inward mobility flows from Ireland. In addition, higher education mobility has risen in importance within the international education strategies of Ireland, the UK and the four individual devolved administrations of the UK. 

Research Seminar and Reports

British Council Ireland are delighted to present this research and supporting information guide along with a recording of the Country Learning Session on Higher Education Mobility: Ireland to the UK. The recording and research reports can all be accessed below.

1 Report on Higher Education Student Flows from Ireland to the UK: 2017 to 2022

Prepared by Southern Cross Consulting, this context report employs available statistical data to present a profile of students from Ireland who studied at tertiary level in the UK between 2017 and 2021, or who applied to study in the UK in 2022. Using UCAS application and HESA enrolment data, the paper explores levels of study, gender, study location in the UK and HEI choices of these students and serves as a companion to the study undertaken by Red Brick Research.

2 Qualitative Research on the Higher Education Student Journey from Ireland to the UK

This qualitative research provides insight into the student journey from Ireland to the UK. It was conducted by Redbrick Research and was designed in order to support future recruitment of students from Ireland to the UK. Push and pull factors were explored as well as barriers for students from Ireland considering higher education study in the UK.

3 Higher Education Undergraduate Information Guide: UK-Ireland

This guide provides information and useful links for students and higher education bodies in Ireland and the UK on accessing higher education as an Irish student studying in the UK, or as a student from the UK studying in Ireland. It explains the Common Travel Area and what that means when it comes to applying to higher education institutions in Ireland and the UK. It briefly reviews the application process, financial supports, visa requirements and also explains the process for transferring of points from an Irish to a UK system and vice versa. 

4 British Council Ireland Country Learning Session on Higher Education Mobility from Ireland to the UK: Thursday 29 September, 2022

British Council Ireland were delighted to take part in the British Council EU Region Country Learning series. These sessions are designed to support higher education international offices with information on emerging trends in student recruitment in the UK. The Country Learning Session on Ireland took place on Thursday 29 September, 2022.

While many EU counties are showing a drop in application number to undergraduate study, Ireland is the only major EU sending country to see an increase – up 5% year-on-year – and while some of this can be explained by BREXIT-related changes, this isn’t necessarily the only factor. This Country Learning Session provides a deep dive into patterns and trends on student mobility from Ireland to the UK, including a presentation from Red Brick Research on the findings of a brand new report on student perceptions and motivations regarding higher education mobility from Ireland to the UK's devolved nations.  

A full video of the recorded session is available to view above.

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