Recent research and reports from the British Council

Our research and reports offer new evidence and analysis of the ways in which cultural and educational co-operation and exchange can help tackle some of today’s major global and domestic issues.

These and other reports and insight articles are available at our global website.

British Council research


Race, Ethnicity and Change in Higher Education: Discussion Paper

In January 2020 the Royal Irish Academy and the British Council in Ireland brought together leading thinkers and practitioners for a discussion on ethnicity race, and inclusion in higher education in Ireland and the UK. In September we have published a discussion paper on Race, Ethnicity and Change in Higher Education which is the product of the voices, perspectives and data presented at the event.

Mutual Influence? Universities, Cities and the Future of Internationalisation

The findings of this report were announced at the 2017 Going Global conference. The research examines the internationalisation activities of cities and universities and how the two can work effectively together in the face of growing international competition. Interviews were conducted with university staff and city officials in Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow and Hanover. 

The Shape of Global Higher Education (Volume 4)

The report generates greater knowledge and understanding of the policy environment for international higher education, and supports policy makers and higher education professionals in comparing and benchmarking the level of national support for international engagement in higher education. In this volume, we have extended the analysis to look not only at the policy environment for higher education, but changes in student flows, collaborative research output, and national investment in higher education promotion.

Smart places – how universities are shaping a new wave of smart cities

The report is about how universities can help solve the challenges faced by cities and towns. In doing so, it puts people first and technology second. It is written for university leaders, city leaders and officials looking to form stronger partnerships with their universities. Examples are given of universities working with city hall in eight cities across Europe: Bucharest (Romania), Darmstadt (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Lille (France), Milan (Italy), Nottingham (UK), Warsaw (Poland) and Zaragoza (Spain). Each city has different needs and opportunities, and each has a different history of partnership working between universities and city hall.