Meet the winners of FameLab Ireland competition over the past nine years:

FameLab Ireland 2021 Winner - Tammy Strickland

With a background in Human Health and Disease (TCD), Paediatrics (TCD) and Regenerative Medicine (NUIG), Tammy now works in a research lab (RCSI) that investigates the link between disrupted circadian rhythms and various neurological conditions including acquired epilepsy. Having previously taught biology and anatomy, Tammy really enjoys communicating science to anyone who is interested. She also occasionally dabbles in biology-themed visual arts and sculpture. 

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FameLab Ireland Winner 2020 - Simon Spichak

Simon is an Irish Research Council postgraduate scholar at University College Cork. He is interested in the non-neuronal cells in the brain, the microbial cells in the gut and how they communicate during early life.

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FameLab Ireland Winner 2019 - Hayden Wilkinson

Hayden is a glycobiologist by day, music loving, coffee drinking, plant eater by night. He is doing an MSc at the National Institute of Bio-processing, Research and Training at University College Dublin, looking into improving the design of biomaterial implants in regenerative medicine. Hayden won the FameLab Ireland competition in 2019.

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FameLab Ireland winner 2018 - Sharon Omiwole

Sharon is a medical student with a keen interest in science. She credits her father, a doctor, for inspiring her to pursue medicine. She has dedicated her spare time to volunteering in clinics, retirement homes, day-cares and homeless shelters. She strives to live a life of purpose and help others. Sharon won the FameLab Ireland competition in 2018.

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FameLab Ireland Winner 2017 – Deirdre Robertson

FameLab Ireland Winner 2017 - Deirdre Robertson

Deirdre is a psychologist who applies behavioural insights to policy and health. She is a research officer in the Economic and Social Research Institute of Ireland, and adjunct assistant professor in Trinity College Dublin. Before this, Deirdre spent a year working as a postdoctoral researcher in Columbia University, New York. Deirdre believes in the power of scientific research and communication to inform policy and to make changes to people’s lives.

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Niamh Kavanagh

FameLab Ireland Winner 2016 - Niamh Kavanagh

In 2014, Niamh emerged bleary-eyed, tired and proud from University College Cork with a degree in Physics. She promptly walked down the road to Cork’s Tyndall National Institute to do a PhD with the Irish Photonic Integration Centre (IPIC), funded by the Irish Research Council. This came as a surprise to no one, since she always went on and on about how much she loved lasers and fibre-optics. Niamh is also a black-belt and a stilt-walker.

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FameLab Ireland winner 2015 - Lisa Murphy

Lisa graduated with a degree in Applied Psychology from University College Cork, and followed this up with a PhD in Applied Psychology. Lisa’s research, which was funded by the Irish Research council, examined the role of present vs. future oriented thinking in health-related decision-making and behaviour. Lisa was also a Fullbright Ireland Student Awardee (2018-19). She won the FameLab Ireland competition in 2015.

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FameLab Ireland Winner 2014 - Adam Murphy

Adam is a turncoat physicist from Dublin and radio producer with the Naked Scientists Podcast in Cambridge. In his spare time, Adam can usually be found on the ballroom dance floor, watching some variety of sci-fi or talking to anyone willing to listen about science. Adam won the FameLab Ireland competition in 2014.


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FameLab Ireland Winner 2013 - Dr Fergus McAuliffe

Fergus carried out a PhD in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC. He is a TV presenter, working on RTE’s ‘The Science Squad’ and ‘10 Things to Know About... ‘ and is a regular contributor to 'Futureproof'. Fergus has been previously selected by Pirelli Inc. as one of the Top 10 Global Young Talents and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Wired and Vogue. Fergus is Education, Public Engagement and Communications Manager at iCRAG. 

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Nic Flanagan

Nic Flanagan was a participant in the AI For the Common Good Hackathon in MTU Cork in November 2023.