From left to right: Elena Pagter, Helen Horkan and Fiona Malone. All posing on stage at the Galway FameLab Regional Heat.

Due to continuing Covid-19 restrictions, all FameLab Ireland regional heats will take place online in 2021.  There will be four heats in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick and we would ask you to register for the regional heat closest to you if at all possible.  

And if you can't make one of our regional heats, why not apply to the nationwide video competition instead!

What to Expect - Heats

  • As with the video competition, you will upload your recorded 3 minute talk before the regional heat.  This approach ensures all entrants have a level playing field. 
  • Each online regional heat recording will run like a live event. Your talk will be played in order and the judges will ask you questions afterwards and will also give feedback where possible.
  • Each regional heat will be broadcast to public audiences online (Facebook/Youtube) within one or two days of the recording.  All participants will be encouraged to join and interact with viewers via the chat function. Tickets for heats are available here.
  • Winners who proceed to the national final will be selected and announced by the judges. Viewers will also vote for a special audience prize. 
  • For all heats, a short sci-comms training session will be offered free to presenters beforehand. Information on these will be provided when you apply.

What to Expect - Rules

  • Talks must be no longer than three minutes (content will not be judged after this time).
  • PowerPoint is not allowed.
  • No background music (unless this is what you are talking about).
  • Props are permitted but are limited to what you can carry (be careful that any props are clearly visible on screen).

Can't make one of the online regional heats? Why not apply by video instead!