Cheltenham Festivals

FameLab Ireland has four regional heats in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick, as well as a nationwide video competition. As part of FameLab Dublin, two mini-heats in Trinity College and University College Dublin were held in 2017-18  The FameLab Ireland 2017-18 competition is now closed. Come back in the autumn to find out how to take part in FameLab Ireland 2018-19. 

The order of the day

  • You will present your three minute talk to the FameLab judges.
  • The judges will ask questions after each presentation and will also give feedback where possible.
  • Winners who will be proceeding to the national final will be announced (*to the Dublin regional final for TCD and UCD mini-heat entrants).
  • If a public audience is present, they may also vote for a special audience prize. Get tickets here.
  • For all heats and mini-heats, a short sci-comms training/information session will be offered to all presenters beforehand. More details will be provided when you apply.

The rules

  • Presentations must be no longer than three minutes (content will not be judged after this time limit).
  • PowerPoint is not allowed.
  • No background music (unless this is what you are talking about).
  • Props are permitted but are limited to what you can carry on stage. There is no time for set up once on stage.

Can't make the heats? Why not apply by video instead!