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Young leaders in Ireland/NI tackle the climate crisis

The British Council and Co-operation Ireland are working with young, inspired people from across the island of Ireland on our Active Citizens: Social action for climate change programme to take action on the biggest issue facing our planet.

Making ideas become reality

Young people across the world perceive climate change as the biggest global challenge facing our world today. 

Through 'Active Citizens: Social action for climate change', the British Council is giving young people in six European countries and the UK the chance to address this challenge. 

Successful applicants in Ireland and Northern Ireland are given the opportunity to turn their innovative ideas for sustainability into reality. Through the Active Citizens model and decades of expertise in social change projects within Co-operation Ireland and British Council, young people are able to build local and international connections, develop skills and have the exposure to ensure their ideas make a difference. 

Be at the heart of an international movement

'Active Citizens: Social action for climate change' is part of the British Council’s global programme around the COP26 international climate change conference, which takes place in Glasgow in November 2021. The British Council is working with partners across the whole of the UK and worldwide to support the success and legacy of COP26 by creating opportunities for cooperation, dialogue and action that address the shared challenges of climate change.  

Active Citizens projects are running in 22 countries (including Ireland and NI) – meaning participants are part of a global team of young people with the passion to take social action on environmental issues and climate change.

Active Citizens: Social action for climate change in Ireland and Northern Ireland

A select group of passionate young people (age 18-30) from across the island of Ireland took part in our Active Citizens leadership training during March 2021.

Following the workshop, the young people proposed a number of ambitious and creative Social Action Projects aimed at addressing issues of climate change and the environment with communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland over the coming months.  All proposals were assessed by an independent panel and the following projects were selected:

  • Cabaret Against Climate Action
  • Climate Action on Film
  • Climate Change and Lobbying Workshops
  • Mobilise the Island
  • The Circular Gastronomy

The Social Action Projects will be developed with the support of Co-operation Ireland, British Council Ireland and an array of multi-sector experts in the run up to the COP26 international climate change conference in Glasgow, November 2021.

Our Active Citizens will also have an opportunity to showcase their projects and network with like-minded young leaders from several European countries in the summer of 2021. 

More information:

If you're interested to find out more about the programme, please contact us by email.

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