A building (the museum of literature Ireland) with the silhouettes of people walking around in front of it

The Museum of Literature Ireland hosted the ‘Literary Cities’ exhibition programme in 2022 which enabled us to look beyond the island of Ireland at cities that have a tangible connection to Irish writing, retracing those connecting journeys and introducing our audiences to writing from outside our country. A complimentary programme of four events presented opportunities to bring those connections to life through conversation and performance, creating lasting cultural exchange.

The exhibit (re)introduced Irish audiences to a canon of Scottish writers both past and present, in Irish and Scots Gaelic as well as English. The exhibit will featured readings by Irish authors of Scottish work, and interviews with living Scottish writers.

A series of four in person events across 2022 showcased some of the most important established and up-and-coming Scottish and Irish writers and musicians, in a series of four electrifying, collaborative events – covering themes Breaking Boundaries, Inspiring People and Places, Local Tales and Legends, Iconic Stories and Storytellers. During these events the musicians involved came together to perform some very special collaborations which you can see and listen to below.

Watch the Performances

British Council Ireland were proud to colaborate with the Scottish Govornment in Ireland on this series.