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About our work

Art and Disability aims to support greater access to the arts by disabled people as audiences and as artists. We work with leading Irish institutions to celebrate the unique generation of disabled artists in Ireland and the UK, and to support exchange of best practice between arts professionals.

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From Access to Inclusion: An Arts and Culture Summit (March 2021)

With 21 presenters, from 16 cities, representing a range of organisations such as Theatres, Museums and Galleries, Festivals, Cinema and much more, From Access to Inclusion will be an essential opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new and innovative ways to include and welcome everyone.

Disability Arts

Disability Arts is dedicated to creating more international opportunities for deaf and disabled artists. It's designed for arts professionals, programmers and venue managers.

Europe Beyond Access

Europe Beyond Access is an ambitious 4-year programme designed to internationalise the careers of disabled artists and revolutionise Europe’s performing arts scene.