Video: Backstage in Biscuit Land by Touretteshero at Dublin Theatre Festival 2016 with Arts & Disability Ireland and axis: Ballymun, supported by the Arts Council and British Council.  

Disability Arts International is a website and regular digital newsletter, developed and coordinated by the British Council, dedicated to creating more international opportunities for deaf artists and artists with disabilities. Designed for an audience of arts professionals, programmers and venue managers, the website provides a unique window on to the work of artists with disabilities and disabled-led companies, and the context in which they are creating work.

In addition to a growing directory of artists and companies, the website provides promoters access to resources, case studies and personal testimonies. In this way it shares insights into how the UK came to be recognised as a world leader in disabled-led arts and inspires debate about who can make art and who can access it.

We are actively looking for artists with disabilities or disabled-led companies to include in our artists and companies directory. Visit the website to find out how you can suggest an artist or company.

11 Million Reasons
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Sean Goldthorpe and People Dancing

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